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ViRtuAlBox in UbuNtu tutOriAl...

Virtualbox is a virtualisation package for Linux originally developed by Sun Microsystems. It’s an incredibly powerful and easy way of being able to run Windows XP or Vista from Ubuntu. This guide will talk you through the process of installing Virtualbox, after which we’ll look at installing Windows XP. Running XP inside Ubuntu has so many benefits, like file compatibility, using active-x in internet explorer and lots more.

 1. Firstly, kena download VirtuAl box......pilih ikut OS anda VirtUaLBoX

2. InsTall kan.... Klik Kanan,nthen klik Open With Ubuntu Software Centre...

3. klik install....

4. dan Finish....ia berada di Applications>System Tools>Oracle VM Virtual Box..

Seterusnya akan saya tunjukkan tutorial untuk install XP/Win7 ke dalam Ubuntu anda menggunakan VirtualBox (VM) :) selamat mencuba.... :p

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