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How To Use Host USB Device From Guest In VirtualBox

In this post I will explain you how to use the host USB device from the guest.

For this post I will show you how you can use the USB Thumb Drive connected to host USB port from guest OS. The procedure remains same for other USB devices as well. Even though Virtual Box allows you to enter lot of information for USB device configuration you really don’t have to worry about it if you just want to access the selected device.

VirtualBox Configuration:
Before going to actual configuration ensure that the USB device you want access from guest is connected. Once the device is detected by your host OS, open the USB configuration options dialog for the guest’s virtual machine in Virtual Box.
1. Check “Enable USB Controller” check box. If the device is USB 2.0 complaint check “Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller check box. Now the USB Configuration Dialog Box will should look like the image below:

2. Now we need to tell virtual box which USB device(s) connected to host should be accessible from guest. This is done using the USB filters, only the device which matches the filter are accessible from the guest. Virtual box allows you to create filter based on vendor or product category and so on but we will ignore all that in this post and create filter which matches to exactly one and only one device that we want to share.
So while on the USB configuration options dialog box press “Alt+Ins” or click on “Add Filter From Device” button (Second button from top with green plus symbol). This will bring the pop-up menu with all USB devices connected to the host (See image below).

 3. In the pop-up menu scroll down the device you want to access and click on it or press the enter key (In my example I want to access the USB FLASH Drive). A new filter for this device will be added to the list of filter as shown in the image below:

4. Here we are done with the Virtual Box configuration, however, if you are interested in more details double click on the selected filter and it will bring up the detailed information about the selected device, this information might be useful for you to access your device from the guest (See the image below).

5. Using the same method I have added one more filter from my AVR JTAG debugger. See the image below for my final setup.

5.Now we are all set to see it working, Whatever we have done till now is one time procedure and this need not be repeated when you remove and reconnect your USB device. However, there is one more one time activity that will happen when you start the virtual machine.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ~~~~ You must use the VitrtualBox only not the than you can use the USB Speciallity.... download from this LINK

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